Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Overcoming overeating is the only lasting way to change your weight and your appearance permanently.

The dilemma for most people who are overweight is to learn the difference between eating normal meals which provide your body with all of the essential nutrients for energy, growth and repair through choosing foods to eat which are also enjoyable, tasteful and interesting and eating food your body doesn’t need for energy growth or repair but which seems even more enjoyable, tasteful and interesting.

We call this second type of eating compulsive eating and in many ways it is similar to compulsive smoking, drinking or gambling. It refers to the sabotage behaviours we engage in that have negative consequences yet we feel helpless to stop.

We all know the consequences of being overweight. We all know that dieting and exercising on their own are not the solution.

So what does work?

At Bayside Psychology and Hypnotherapy clinic we will teach you how to recognise the difference between “real hunger eating” and “false hunger eating”. We will then show you how to use “real hunger eating” to completely satisfy your body’s need for food. There are no diets to follow because you already know what foods to eat. We will then teach you to eliminate “false hunger eating” from your life by using cognitive behaviour therapy and hypnotherapy.

Three sessions are all that are needed to bring about permanent change even after you have struggled for years with diets and exercise and trying to follow the simplistic messages of the diet industry.

Your weight and your health are different concepts. You can follow a healthy, balanced diet and exercise and still be overweight because you overeat. You can be slim and still be unhealthy because you don’t eat a balanced diet and you don’t exercise.

Whether you struggle with compulsive eating, anorexia or bulimia or you are just locked into the yo-yo cycle of constant dieting and visits to the gym we can help.

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