Self Esteem

Self-esteem therapy

Self-esteem is essential for psychological survival. Without some positive attitude towards our own self worth, life can be very painful and many opportunities to achieve and succeed in life can be missed.

All human beings have the capacity to form an identity and then decide if they like themselves or not. It is this capacity for judgement that can be our undoing. When we reject the way we look or hold negative or self defeating attitudes about our skills, abilities or achievements we can damage the psychological structures that not only keep us alive but also allow us to strive and succeed in life.

Our self esteem comes from what we tell ourselves about ourselves. Holding distorted negative attitudes about ourselves often results in us avoiding people and situations that we believe can negatively impact our lives.

How can we help?

Our clinical and child and educational psychologists and hypnotherapists are both highly trained and experienced in identifying the impact on self-esteem is having on your life and can help children, teenagers and adults boost their self-esteem and regain confidence in their relationships, work, schooling, sport and life in general.

They will help you recognise yourself defeating thoughts, feelings and behaviours and assist you to heal old wounds and transform yourself to become your best self with a new outlook on life plus the skills to achieve your dreams.

Our psychologists rely on research based best-practice strategies using cognitive behaviour therapies including mindfulness and hypnotherapy as well as an acceptance commitment, solution focused therapies and schema therapy.

Our psychologists will also draw on information from your family history, your position in your family and personality assessment to tailor your therapy to your own very individual traits and circumstances.

Problems include:

  • Social inhibition
  • Shyness
  • Blushing
  • Self-confidence
  • Jealousy
  • Social phobias
  • Embarrassment
  • Bullying
  • Personal development
  • Stage fright
  • Performance anxiety
  • Separation anxiety
  • Speech making

There are two types of self-esteem problems, some are situational and some characterological. Some are triggered by a situation you want to face and others stemmed from your identity and early childhood experiences and personality. Situational self-esteem problems respond well to cognitive restructuring techniques that enable you to confront your thinking distortions and develop new skills for handling criticism and negative self talk. Characterological or personality trait problems respond best to hypnotherapy techniques.

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