Clinical Neuropsychology

The branch of psychology that deals with the functions and the influences of the brain and the rest of the nervous system on the overall behaviour and cognitions of the human mind and body are known as neuropsychology. Our clinical psychologists can assess how an injury or illness of the brain or nervous system can affect your cognitive functioning or behaviour.

An assessment of the neuropsychological functions of an individual can speak volumes about the cognitive weaknesses and strengths of the person in general. It can also focus on how the nervous system and the brain function and how it affects the behaviour and thoughts of a person.

Several other abilities can also be assessed. Some assessments include problem solving skills, intelligence, memory, attention span, organisational skills, language and communication skills, social perception and understanding skills, and of course impulse control. Also assessments of spelling, reading and mathematics can also be undertaken.

How can we help?

Our team of clinical psychologists on the Mornington Peninsula are not neuropsychologists, however they are proficient with various assessment tools to measure your cognitive abilities and behavioural functioning.

Our clinical psychology services on the Mornington Peninsula also include:

  • Assessment of the cognitive impact on the brain in case of a developmental or a neurological disorder or in the case of a brain injury.
  • Understanding of the various difficulties related to educational behaviours like social and behavioural issues, attentional problems and communication and literacy problems.
  • Our psychological services also include the understanding and studying of specific learning and other cognitive difficulties that can have an impact on the behavioural, developmental, learning or functional abilities of a person.
  • Our services can also aid in planning for an intervention and monitoring of the changes that are related to remedial therapies, learning strategies, psychological therapies and other compensatory learning strategies.

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