Encopresis Services

Daytime Soiling (encopresis)

Daytime soiling is not only uncomfortable for a child but also has many social and schooling complications for the child and his or her parents. Encopresis refers to a child not been proficient in bowel control especially by school age. It specifically means a child has repeated passing of faeces in inappropriate places whether involuntary or intentional.

Encopresis maybe diagnosed with constipation and overflow incontinence or with out constipation and overflow incontinence.

Children with encopresis often feel ashamed and avoid situations such as school camps. The degree of impairment caused by encopresis can affect a child’s self-esteem and contribute to social ostracism by peers and result in displays of anger, punishment and rejection by caregivers. It is also not uncommon that children to attempt just to hide faeces to avoid embarrassment.

Our child and  developmental psychologist is highly experienced in treating most types of encopresis. He is also an experienced clinical psychologist and can assist parents to deal with all of the social and emotional problems that are frequently associated with encopresis.

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