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Clinical Neuropsychology on the Mornington Peninsula

The branch of psychology that deals with the functions and the influences of the brain and the rest of the nervous system on the overall behavior and the cognition of a human mind and body are known as the neuropsychology. The neuropsychological counselors deal and also emphasize on how any injury or illness of the brain and the nervous system can affect the behavioral changes and the cognitive behaviors and functions of the brain in a human.

The testing and the assessments of the neuropsychological functions of an individual can speak volumes about the cognitive weaknesses and the strengths of the person in general. It can also focus light on how the nervous system and the brain functions and how it affects the behavior and thoughts of a human being.

With the neuropsychological testing and assessment, several other abilities can also be assessed. Some assessments include the problem solving skills, intelligence, memory, attention span, organizational skills, language and communication skills, social perception and understanding skills, and of course the impulse control. With the help of such assessments, the spelling, reading and the mathematic skills of a person can also be assessed.

How can we help?

Our team of neuropsychologists in Mornington Peninsula is experts in their domain of work and can provide you with various assessment tests and also one to one counseling sessions so as to assess your ability of different cognitive and behavioral functions.

Our neuropsychological services in Mornington Peninsula also include the,

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