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Educational Psychology in Mt. Eliza, Mornington Peninsula

The main responsibility of an educational psychologist in Mt Eliza is to help the children and the young teenagers who have a problem with the educational setting so that they can have an enhanced learning and understanding skills. He is also responsible for the diagnostic and the psycho educational assessment of the children along with their psychological counseling.

It is one of the challenges of the educational psychologists to work in an all around aspect with difficulties like emotional, learning and social problems. The aspects of the educational psychology involve all around assessment along with the diagnosis and the treatment of different types of learning, behavioral problems along with the development issues. Our team of experienced educational psychologists in Mt Eliza is also experts in diagnosis of ADHD, ADD, Aspergers Syndrome and Autism.

The learning and the understanding problems can include the difficulties like spelling, reading, writing and also math. The disorders can be anything related to the physical, intellectual or sensory impairments like Dyscalculia, Dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder, pervasive development disorders and Dysgraphia. All these disorders need sophisticated assessment tests that also sometimes require the usage of intelligence test. Evaluation of the impairments leads to detection and finally prevention.

Psychology is a very well developed discipline and it has different specializations like work and organizational psychology, clinical and health psychology and of course the educational psychology among other disciplines.

Some of the services under the educational psychology that you can avail for your children are:

Our team of expert child psychologists also assesses intelligence and teaches the children exam techniques along with the learning strategies. All our psychologists hold the most appropriate degrees and also have ample experience in dealing with all the above mentioned children problems and issues and more very efficiently. We prefer positive psychology along with the CBT and the solution based therapies as our mode of treatment. If you want to know more about our mode of treatment and other strategy details, kindly make an appointment with us via email or a phone call.

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