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Counselling Services in Mt Eliza, Mornington Peninsula

Our counseling services Bayside can assist you with various psychological and life changing problems so that you are able to face the world with a new zeal and enthusiasm. Our services are available in six different categories. Each of these categories provides you with an overview of the services that we have in offer for you. If you wish to know more about any or all of these services, please CLICK HERE to get in touch with us.

Psychology works
Psychologists Transform Lives

We receive thousands of messages every day from our valued and esteemed clients who mention how we were able to help them in changing their lives simply by changing their behavior, by helping them take control over their emotional and mental health and also for helping them in focusing in the positivity of life.

We believe positivity and a look through the constructive futures of the life ahead are two very integral part of a successful therapeutic psychological outcome. It is imperative to say that the relationship between a client and a psychologist thus holds immense importance in the overall output of psychological success. The other essential requirement is of course the expertise and the experience of the psychologist.

Our services

We take pride in the fact that our counseling services Mt Eliza clinic provides you with excellent high quality services with the latest and the most advanced technologies and procedures completed with the state of the art infrastructure and innovative facilities. Our experienced psychologists offer services in such areas of psychology like relationship issues, depression, children issues, anxiety and also grief and trauma related issues that can take a heavy toll in everyday life. We also have in place, the cognitive behavior therapy and the hypnotherapy which are extremely useful for such habits like gambling and substance abuse, smoking and alcoholism.

Our team of psychologists

Our psychologists at counseling services Mornington Peninsula have immense education matched well with expertise and experience. We provide our clients with clinical psychological practice which ensures that all our treatments are done based on the research based therapies so that our clients are satisfied and happy with the resultant outcome at the end of the day.


Get in touch with us through appointments on call or via email. We are ready for your service from Monday to Friday, from 9 am till 6 pm. We can also provide you with weekend appointments and evening appointments if needed.