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Encopresis Services in Mt Eliza, Mornington Peninsula

Encopresis can be a typical problem which most parents find very embarrassing to declare in public. Encopresis is a disorder that occurs in children who are old enough to discard their wastes appropriately yet are unable to control the urge of defecating at inappropriate places. Encopresis as a disorder can affect children who are more than 4 years of age. It is not as much a common problem as that of childhood constipation that hits more number of children globally.

However, around 50% of the children who are diagnosed with encopresis also experience a co-morbid behavioral and emotional disorder. It is needless to say that such is the ordeal of the disorder that most parents find it extremely difficult to deal and cope with it.

How can we assist you?

If your beloved child is suffering from encopresis, as a parent, it can be extremely upsetting for you to see your beloved and precious little child in pain and suffering. If you notice any symptoms of encopresis, you should not waste any more time and bring him to us. We are Bayside Psychology clinic located at Bayside in Melbourne. We are one of the pioneering psychological clinics that can provide you with encopresis services in Mt Eliza. If your child needs any assessment on the encopresis disorder or he needs to undergo psychological treatment on the various issues of encopresis like school refusal, separation anxiety, challenging behavior, bullying or even chronic constipation, we can be of immense help for your child in the hours of need.

Our team of encopresis service in Bayside can offer evidence based interventions for the disorder and can make toileting a very positive and enjoyable experience for your child.

When a child is suffering from encopresis, the parents too need to work towards a common goal of teaching the child to poo in the toilet only. Such counseling services for the parents are also available with us. Our encopresis services in Mornington Peninsula can teach your child to: